The Ultimate Rugged Device Management : Surviving the Toughest Environments

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Inventions in the field of mobile technologies thrown various industries into disarray today. Enterprise mobility is critical for technology-driven businesses, as it allows employees to stay productive, , and well-communicated at all times, allowing them to carry out their day-to-day business tasks with efficiency and precision. Certain sectors recognize the need for rugged devices since their field force is required to work in challenging terrains and weather conditions, which necessitates the use of highly durable tough devices that can survive extreme weather and physical shocks. Water, dampness, heat, pressure, and even sandstorms and blizzards are not a problem for ruggedized equipment. Let’s learn more about them.

 Robust, flexible and secure mobile device management solution for securing rugged devices in mission-critical deployments. Our advanced system allows you to easily manage, track and control any mobile device fleet. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is securely stored, transmitted and accessible only to authorized users. Features include real-time insights into device usage and performance, policy enforcement and compliance support, over-the-air updates, remote troubleshooting and enhanced user experience 

What is a Rugged Device?

Ruggedized devices are divided into three categories: semi-rugged, fully-rugged, and ultra-rugged. Each organization determines the amount of ruggedness in the device that will best serve the purpose based on its industrial sector, device usage, and employee type of work, device user day-to-day activities, environmental circumstances, and business requirements.

A rugged gadget, as the name implies, is one that is designed with the client’s specific business requirements in mind, as well as the environmental conditions in which the device will be used. Rugged electronics, in fact, must pass particular standards to demonstrate their toughness, durability, and utility. For increased protection and endurance, rugged devices are equipped with all of the necessary characteristics as well as certain unique characteristics such as shock-proof thicker casings, spill-resistant keyboards, and so on.

Fully rugged devices, on the other hand, must meet military-grade criteria and certifications, demonstrating their robustness and ability to withstand the most extreme labor and environmental circumstances. Similarly, ultra-rugged equipment is employed in the most demanding situations.

Why and How to Manage These Rugged Devices?

Rugged devices, with their various applications and benefits, are undeniably impacting multiple industrial sectors by adding simplicity, performance, durability, cost-effectiveness, profitability, and user productivity into management operations. , these tough devices are carrying priceless enterprise, consumer, and employee data, as well as information that, if lost, hacked, misplaced, or stolen, can result in catastrophic company harm and hazards. Rugged devices are also more vulnerable than devices used within the corporate perimeters because they are mostly utilized by executives who operate from distant and far-off locations.

It is critical to ensure that the company’s IT personnel have complete control over these remotely utilized rugged devices, which necessitates the adoption of a strong, powerful, and reliable MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution. Using multiple relevant features, such as dynamic user policy application, mobile application management, mobile content management, group message delivery, remote data wipe, device lock, and remote troubleshooting enforcing security policies, and so on, a perfect MDM solution allows your company’s IT admin to remotely manage, monitor, and secure rugged devices.

What Are the Core Benefits of Rugged Devices?

Rugged devices are business-purpose resilient devices that are designed to provide many benefits to the device user, hence adding value to the enterprise’s operations and profits. Investing in robust equipment will pay off in the long run.

  • Best Multi-Purpose Devices for Shift Workers

    These rugged devices are designed to meet specific company needs and industry criteria and are suited for usage by many employees (working from remote locations) in different shifts. One of the most significant advantages of rugged devices is that they are equipped with unique features such as replaceable batteries, powerful accessories, multi-charging docks, and other powerful features are all cogently designed to ensure that the device performs flawlessly in harsh environments.

  • Improving Communication in Challenging Environments: Strategies for Success

    Rugged devices are the greatest choice for field forces and frontline personnel who work in remote regions such as construction sites, mining ores, oil and gas fields, shipping cargo units, and so on since they are built to last. The efficiency, productivity, and correctness these executives’ work are dependent on being well-informed and well-communicated with real-time data and information that drives better decision-making, increased operational effectiveness, and process excellence at all levels. Rugged devices allow them to access and share the correct data with the right people at the right time, allowing them to perform with more precision and proficiency.

  • Ensures High Performance in Tough Situations

    Mobile Application Management Mobile Content Management provided by an MDM solution can be used on company-owned rugged devices, making it even easier for the company IT admin to manage, monitor, distribute, and update enterprise apps and company content on managed rugged devices remotely and securely. This allows device users and the mobile workforce to access and use relevant company information, maintain records, inventory reports, and other bookkeeping tasks without having to deal with paper.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Improved visibility, increased decision-making, and issue resolution are all aided by easy and fast access to critical company information and inventory data, which adds enormous value in better servicing customers with more rapid and accurate outcomes. Frontline and field force workers can effectively engage and communicate with consumers while satisfying their expectations thanks to managed ruggedized smartphones with all the necessary features and capabilities.

Use of Rugged Devices Across Different Industries

Rugged devices are recommended for use in a variety of industrial industries due to their varied capabilities and mil-grade approved construction that makes them almost unbreakable. The following are the top ten industries where rugged devices are widely used: Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Military, Logistics, Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, and Security.

  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Logistics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Safety & Security

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