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Limaxlock is type of security software used in the workplace to monitor, manage, and secure company-owned devices. It's necessary for over-all data protection and making sure the devices in your environment are up to date and in compliance with corporate security policies


Kiosk mode typically runs a single app or few selected applications, and users are prevented from accessing any features or functions on the device outside of the LimaxLock. It’s easy for administrators to create kiosk settings that run more than one app


As an administrator, you can help protect corporate data on users personal mobile devices and on your organization’s company-owned devices by remotely locking or wiping stolen devices. You can set and monitor policies to keep the devices (and data) safe


LimaxLock allows you to customize the locked homepage, Incorporate your organization's logo into banners. Alter the look and feel of your account to match your corporate branding and have it as a wallpaper on the locked device. It will take your branding one step ahead

Android Kiosk Mode With Best Features

Android Kiosk Mode and kiosk browser lockdown to restrict misuse of apps and system resources for various android devices. Limax Lock Kiosk Lockdown app for android helps you to manage android devices by locking them into Kiosk Lockdown Mode. Restrict access to selected applications enabled by admin. Kiosk Mode prevents misuse of android tablet, smartphones, interactive kiosk or a self-service kiosks

Kiosk Mode

Lockdown your android devices to a single app or multiple applications of your choice

Mobile Application Management

Manage and control access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps

Kiosk Browser

Lockdown browser that allows you to browse securely and only allow through whitelisted websites

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Android Enterprise

Android management solution for enterprises with Android for Work integration

Mobile Device Management

Allows IT administrators to monitor, manage, and secure employees mobile devices

Enterprise App Store

Managed Google Play store to install Android Apps remotely and host apps specifically for your organization


MDM Dashboard

The Web Administration Dashboard is a centralised mobile device management tool. Designed to work in conjuction with LimaxLock android app.

Providing IT admins with comprehensive solutions for organizations to manage their Android device fleets


Samsung Knox

Samsung KNOX Advanced Restrictions feature in LimaxLock for advanced security, customization and management

If you want more control over access to your enrolled devices, You can restrict device features like Airplane Mode, Whether rebooting the device into safe boot is disabled, disable power button on android and many more advanced restrictions


Peripheral Settings

Wi-Fi configuration allows users to Wi-Fi control on the LimaxLock home screen and connect the device to different WiFi networks

Limaxlock allow admins to set a maximum or particular volume level so that whenever you hand over the device to someone, they won’t be able to change the volume with the hard keys


Installing apps silently

IT admins can silently install allowed applications with no user intervention

To limit app access to your Android devices, create a profile of whitelisted applications




Download Our App

The enrollment require only download and install LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown application. Open Google Play store to download and install LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown app

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What our Customers Says

Perfect solution for company with mobile devices used internally for apps and communicating. Support was super helpful and responsive. A+
Jason Dowling

Google Play

Great kiosk app. Tried out the trial version for a client. Well design and easy to use. Customer support is very quick and very helpful. Will definitely use this for any future kiosk app
Gary Li

Google Play

It does what it says, easy to publish settings. I prefer whitelist methods over blacklist. This way I can ensure user are restricted properly. Great work devTeam and thanks Andrew for the quick and to the point communication and support
Support PL

Google Play

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  • Single/Multi App Kiosk Mode
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  • Device Management
  • Applications Management
  • Single/Multi App Kiosk Mode
  • Kiosk Browser
  • Device Lockdown
  • Enrollment With Authentication
  • Prevent Users from Changing System Settings
  • Adroid For Work
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Location Tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions

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LimaxLock is a tool used by enterprises for locking down Mobile devices & Tablets. LimaxLock provides kiosk type execution environment on Android devices where only White-listed applications are allowed to run

Many customers have successfully used LimaxLock on various handheld models from the following vendors. Samsung Motorola Google Nexus Acer Asus LG HTC and many more.

LimaxLock is available for the following Android versions: Android 10, 9.0 Pie, 8.0 Oreo, 7.0 Nougat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.0 Lollipop, 4.4 KitKat, 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4.1 Jelly Bean, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

In the enterprise world, kiosk mode helps IT departments & MDM admins to ensure that their mobile resources are used in a secure and productive manner. The best option is to lockdown the device so that only Approved applications can be launched and used by the employees. LimaxLock provides you with a highly configurable solution which enables kiosk type execution environment on Android Mobiles & Tablets.

How to enroll your Android device

Follow the steps mentioned below to enroll the devices

Download & Install LimaxLock

Make sure to install the LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown app from Google Play.

Device Enrollment

Open the LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown app and sign in with your Limaxlock account.

Grant Permissions

Depending on your version of Android, you might be prompted to allow access to certain parts of your device. Tap Allow for the all permissions

Configuration Profile

After admin have configured your device settings to match your organization's policies, you'll gain access to allowed apps and whitelisted websites.