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LimaxLock MDM: All-in-One Centralized Unified Endpoint Management and Security Solution for Android Devices

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The Ultimate Solution for Workplace Android Device Management by LimaxLock

LimaxLock mobile device management software is designed to help monitor, manage, and secure company-owned devices with ease. Secure enterprise data and ensure that all company-owned devices always adhere to the company’s security requirements
Lockdown your android devices to a single app or multiple applications of your choice
Allows IT administrators to monitor, manage, and secure employees mobile devices
Lockdown browser that allows you to browse securely and only allow through whitelisted websites
Managed Google Play store to install Android Apps remotely and host apps specifically for your organization
Our user base is truly global, spanning the entire world!

LimaxLock is an Official Google Partner that offers Enterprise Mobility Management solutions
By leveraging the power of LimaxLock cloud-based EMM platform, businesses can better manage android devices, secure their corporate data and streamline various IT processes

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Android Kiosk Mode with Cutting-Edge
Mobile Device Management Software

LimaxLock’s Android Kiosk Mode streamlines android device management and helps in efficiently managing company-owned android devices.


Kiosk mode typically runs a single app or few selected applications, and users are prevented from accessing any features or functions on the device outside of the LimaxLock.


As an administrator, you can help protect corporate data on users personal mobile devices and on your organization's company-owned devices by remotely locking or wiping stolen devices.


LimaxLock allows you to customize the locked homepage, Incorporate your organization's logo into banners. Alter the look and feel of your account to match your corporate branding and have.

Manage and Secure Mobile Devices From a Single, Easy-to-use Platform

Mobile Device Management system offers a comprehensive suite of tools and software to manage and secure your mobile devices. The benefits of using our solution are clear – improved productivity, enhanced security, and cost savings – making it the ideal choice for modern enterprises.

MDM Dashboard

The Web Administration Dashboard is a centralized mobile device management tool. Designed to work in conjunction with LimaxLock android app. Providing IT admins with comprehensive solutions for organizations to manage their Android device fleets.

Samsung KNOX Advanced Restrictions feature in LimaxLock for advanced security, customization and management. If you want more control over access to your enrolled devices, You can restrict device features like Airplane Mode, Whether rebooting the device into safe boot is disabled, disable power button on android and many more advanced restrictions

Installing apps silently.
IT admins can silently install allowed applications with no user intervention. To limit app access to your Android devices, create a profile of whitelisted applications

Wi-Fi configuration allows users to Wi-Fi control on the LimaxLock home screen and connect the device to different WiFi networks. Limaxlock allow admins to set a maximum or particular volume level so that whenever you hand over the device to someone, they won’t be able to change the volume with the hard keys

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Comprehensive MDM Features for Growing Businesses

$ 12 per device/year


Comprehensive MDM Features for Growing Businesses

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Comprehensive MDM Features for Growing Businesses

$ 13 per device/year


Comprehensive MDM Features for Growing Businesses

$ 1.3 per device/month


Advanced MDM Solutions for Large-Scale Operations

$ 14 per device/year


Advanced MDM Solutions for Large-Scale Operations

$ 1.4 per device/month

Work Profile

Keep business data safe in your personal device – BYOD

Location Tracking

Managing and monitoring device locations remotely

EMM Solution

Manage, secure, deploy and monitor mobile devices

Single App Kiosk Mode

Restrict the use of a device to a single application
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