Kiosk Lockdown and Mobile Device Management Software Solution

Android Kiosk Mode Software Solution Transform Any Android Device into a Dedicated Kiosk

Comprehensive Android Kiosk Solution.
Lockdown an Android Device to use as a Single-App or Multi-App Kiosk.

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Secure Android Devices into Single or Multi-App Kiosk Modes

LimaxLock lets you easily convert any Android tablet or Smartphones into a secure, single-purpose kiosk. It comes with locked-down access, management, and apps. The platform supports kiosks for any purpose : retail, healthcare, education, hospitality across your entire fleet

  • Remote Configuration

Your IT admin can remotely configure the kiosk software and its settings. This includes – apps and even content.

  • Centrally manage all devices

Centralized dashboard to manage all the devices. It will help you to manage multiple devices at once.

  • Monitor usage analytics

Keep track of the data from your Android kiosks and optimize them based on insights.

  • Lockdown Device

Restrict user access along with functionality upon enabling the kiosk mode.


LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown Mode – Explore the Features

LimaxLock Android Kiosk Mode is the easiest way to convert any device into a mobile kiosk solution. Here are all the key features IT admins get from the Kiosk mode Android device.

Single App Mode

This mode restricts the device to launch only one selected app. It will block all other apps along with content.

Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Multi-App Kiosk Mode is useful in scenarios where you need to restrict access to a specific set of applications on an Android device.

Hidden App Support

Scenarios where certain applications need to run discreetly in the background without being easily accessible to users.

Remote Application Management

Remotely manage mobile app installations on Android tablets in kiosk mode, including silent installation without user intervention.

Kiosk Browser Lockdown

Restrict user access to only whitelisted websites while blocking all others, ensuring a controlled and secure browsing experience

Factory Reset Protection

By requiring the original Google Account credentials, FRP adds an extra layer of security to Android devices deployed in kiosk mode.

Why Use LimaxLock Android Kiosk Software?

Samsung Knox


LimaxLock enables locking down the Android device to only function in Kiosk mode. This prevents unwanted access and usage. Granular controls restrict functionality and access.

  • Device encryption and monitoring
  • Custom admin authentication
  • Permission controls over hardware/apps
  • Violation alerts if tampered or misused
  • Remote data wipe capability
Play Store

App & Content

Easily customize your Android kiosks by remotely installing apps, widgets, and wallpapers without needing physical access. Publish content like images, videos, PDFs.

  • Whitelist approved apps
  • Silently install/update apps
  • Schedule app/content deployment
  • Customizable wallpapers
  • Internal content distribution
Peripheral Settings


The management console makes it easy to customize configurations and settings across your entire kiosk fleet. Adjust display settings, set device profiles and security policies.

  • Display settings (rotation, brightness)
  • Peripheral and hardware control
  • Multi-profile support
  • Schedule device uptime/downtime
  • Update configurations over the air
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Apply precise restrictions on Android functions and features to lock down access and tailor to your specific kiosk usage. Disable unwanted device interactions.

  • Disable task switching/notifications
  • Restrain external site access
  • Immersive full-screen kiosk mode
  • Limit user session durations
  • Tailor touch input actions
Simplified App Distribution


Configure rules to enable automated actions across your kiosk fleet for updates, security policies, apps, wallpapers and more. Streamline kiosk management.

  • Schedule content updates
  • Trigger policy changes
  • Usage based maintenance
  • Usage metric driven actions
  • Emergency lockdown commands

Try Out Our Kiosk Mode Software at No Cost for 14 Days!

All your kiosk mode lockdown tools in one place secure devices and prevent unauthorized access.

Free 14-day trial

No credit card required

Easily Troubleshoot and Support Kiosks Remotely

When there is an issue with the Kiosk Android app, there is no need to have physical access to it for troubleshooting. We provide remote management capabilities for quick and convenient troubleshooting. You can remotely access device settings, app configurations, and even system logs. Then you can identify issues in the Android kiosk application and diagnose them with ease.

Push out over-the-air updates to quickly patch bugs or deploy new apps without touching each device. Support multiple user profiles and remotely switch devices to different modes as needed for sharing or maintenance. With robust tools for remote support built directly into the management platform, teams can save significant time and costs associated with hardware repairs and on-site visits. LimaxLock allows you to sustain reliable kiosk uptime and rapidly respond to any issues from anywhere.

All the Essentials for Managing Your Device Fleet in Kiosk Mode

The LimaxLock Difference

LimaxLock is an all-in-one unified endpoint management and security solution built specifically for Android devices. It allows businesses to easily configure and deploy Android devices into fully functional kiosks.With our centralized dashboard, you can remotely manage an unlimited number of Android devices across multiple locations—all from a single pane of glass. Easily customize kiosk settings, restrict functionality, deploy apps and media, monitor device vitals and analytics, and more. 

Within minutes, your Android tablets or other devices can become secure, dedicated kiosks for retail point-of-sale, self-service banking, interactive signage, education, events, healthcare information, and countless other uses across your organization. We handle the platform—you focus on your kiosk.

Try Out Our Kiosk Mode Software at No Cost for 14 Days!

All your kiosk mode lockdown tools in one place that secure devices and prevent unauthorized access.