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Why your Business needs an Android MDM Software

What do you know about the benefits of Android MDM software? If you are an entrepreneur, you should leave what you are doing and focus on this. What you are about to learn here will be critical to the safety and success of your business. In today’s workforce, tablets and smartphones are the new PC’s. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Unlike desktop computers, these devices allow you to run your business from anywhere.

While they can improve the net productivity of your business, they are susceptible to data breaches. That means you can lose critical business data at any given time. And that’s why getting an Android management device for your business is critical. Using this solution, you’ll do more than just protect your business data. You’ll also be able to manage employees’ logging and unattended devices. For more details about mobile device management MDM and why you need it for your business, read on:

What’s a MDM software?

Before we look into the benefits of getting mobile device management software for your business, let’s first define it:

MDM or mobile device management solution refers to a digital solution that allows your IT team to track, encrypt, lock, and secure mobile gadgets on the company network. This Android device management solution comes with powerful features such as faster troubleshooting and a stronger security system. Not to mention, the enhancing tracking system for all workplace mobile devices.

With the help of this tool, your IT manager can disburse files to multiple team members based on their location and position, among other factors. Some of the MDM solutions can even allow your IT team to access and manage unattended devices.

With that in mind, here are the key reasons why you should get mobile device management software for your business:

The Benefits of MDM Software to a Business

Here are the benefits of getting mobile device management software for your business:

  • Enhance Virtual Security

With mobile device management software, your business data will benefit from the ultimate data protection. As such, your company can guarantee the integrity of its data to the stakeholders. For instance, when one of your employees loses his or her mobile device, you can use this tool to secure it.

Using the MDM software, you can track and lock the device remotely to prevent unauthorized access. But that’s not all, your IT team can access its system and wipe off all the available company data. As a result, there will be no data breaches as a result of the lost device.

  • Minimize Costs

The cost of running an operation is often a critical factor to consider, especially if you are introducing a new solution. With MDM, that shouldn’t worry you. That’s because you can run this digital solution on several operating systems. As such, it allows you to incorporate the BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. With this option, you can save on the cost of purchasing mobile devices for your workforce. Instead, they can use their existing device.

Of course, downloading infected files or visiting unsafe sites can be a major problem since you can’t regulate how your workforce uses their personal devices. But with containerization, you can guarantee the safety of your business information. In addition, this tool also allows you to monitor mobile usage. The tracking feature keeps tabs on your employee’s mobile usage and can block costly behaviors that can harm your business.

  • Gain Efficiency

MDM management runs from a central point, as such, you will spend less resources on IT administration. This solution is capable of running multiple functions on several operating systems from a single dashboard. For instance, it can update, install, and delete applications, settings, and policies across several devices from a central point.

Thanks to this, incoming employees can appreciate a consistent mobile experience. Also, mobile devices that are no longer in use will be removed and security settings for the current workforce can be updated with ease.

  • Fulfill Compliance Standards

Every business has certain data protection legal requirements they must adhere to. And the same applies to your business regardless of the industry. Compliance standards are essential for businesses that run virtually, especially those that deal with financial information. For instance, access to personal financial or medical information is often necessary for multiple clients in the financial or medical industries. Thanks to MDM, you can follow compliance regulations by managing accessibility to this data through password protection.

  • Tracking your Business Inventory

Tracking inventory can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have a sizeable business with multiple employees. Oftentimes, you’ll have multiple devices simultaneously accessing your business network. These devices may also be used by multiple teams of staff.

As such, tracking access and usage of each device can be impossible. With enterprise mobility management, you can track all these devices simultaneously and effortlessly. You’ll even access the software and hardware health state of these devices when they are in operation.

  • Application Usage Management

Through application management, you can streamline the addition of new gadgets to your business network. With Android device management, you’ll be able to regulate the type of applications that get installed on these gadgets. As such, you can prevent malicious behavior and misuse of these mobile devices during working hours.

What you need to consider when getting an MDM solution

Finding the ideal MDM solution for your business is essential, whether you have a startup or an enterprise. It’s even paramount if you have a remote workforce. This software will prevent unnecessary lengthy phone calls and travels by the IT staff just to manage your business mobile devices.

With that in mind, you should look for an MDM solution that fulfills the needs of your business. Therefore, if you don’t need the features in the enterprise package, you shouldn’t get it. Instead, go for a package that contains all the features your business needs.

Last but not least, you should consider the type of devices your workforce is going to use. For example, if they are using Android devices, then an MDM is the best pick. However, if you have a large enterprise with over a thousand workforce and mobile devices, an EMM is the best pick. Whichever solution you pick for your business, try it first before committing to it.

Final Take

Finally, if you don’t have Android MDM software for your business, you should get one. Without this tool, your business is not only losing the opportunity to leverage its powerful features, but it’s also in jeopardy. It will be susceptible to data breaches that can lead to the loss of critical business information. Even worse, your business can lose its reputation as a result of this.

With Android mobile device management software, your business is free from costly security breaches and can run efficiently. LimaxLock MDM offers one of the best MDM solutions in the market. Simply reach out to discover what they are offering in detail.


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