LimaxLock Mobile Application Management (MAM) is software which has provision to secure and controlled access to in-house developed or commercially available applications accessed through smartphones. This software facilitates granular control by managing and securing corporate data at the application level itself. Enterprise can enforce their policies to provide uninterruptible access to business-specific applications without compromising on its usability. The whole life cycle of the application is monitored by an administrator through transparent installation and easy maintenance process. LimaxLock MAM software segregates personal and corporate data on the same device as well as restricts the sharing of corporate data. LimaxLock MAM platform enables the admin to do real-time tracking of all installed applications, exact usage of individual application and perform the device-level audit.

Why LimaxLock Mobile Application Management is important

Now a day’s everyone is becoming technophile. Workforce bringing the smartphone to the workplace this gives birth to many potential security attacks, illegal sharing of corporate data, violating the company’s policy, and a wide range of other risk factors. Mobile Device Management is also an effective way to resolve this issue at some extend but there is a genuine need to enforce security standards at the application level. To ensure a safe application life cycle management without scarifying on workflow and usability of applications there is a need to employ LimaxLock Mobile Application Management software along with Mobile Device Management software.

LimaxLock Mobile Device Management (MDM) vs. LimaxLock Mobile Application Management (MDM)

LimaxLock Mobile Device Management (MDM) primarily deals with enforcing device-level security standards. It provides end-user device enrollment, whitelisting applications/websites, allowing/restricting device-level functionality, enforcing access to a specific browser and location tracking. However, it falls short in providing application-level high security. LimaxLock Mobile Application Management primarily deals with providing highlevel security at the application level focusing only application and data used in an application. It allows enforcing industry standards at the application level. To achieve excellent security and usability organizations must adopt both LimaxLock MDM and LimaxLock MAM.

How LimaxLock Mobile Application Management work

The working of LimaxLock Mobile Application Management (MAM) is divided into two major phases

  1. Application Sandboxing: - In this phase, the worthy applications used for technical work or business collaborations and marketing are isolated from all other applications. If the required application is not in-house then there is a facility to download from managed play store. IT Administrator can silently download the applications on all AfW (Android for Work) enrolled devices. Data used by applications in this isolated area is termed as the container. Isolation specifies applications inside the container are unable to interact with other applications and can’t leave the container. This process is also known as containerization
  2. Device Level MAM Using MDM Portal: - Through LimaxLock Mobile Application Management (MAM) IT administrator can manage only applications by applying app protection corporate policies. These policies enforced on applications installed on a device enrolled through Mobile device Management (MDM). MDM deals with monitoring the entire device what is being accessed and shared through the device as it is not restricted to applications. Customer who wants to manage applications through MDM+ MAM should go for LimaxLock

Benefits of LimaxLock Mobile Application Management (MAM) software

Improved Security service

The LimaxLock MAM ensures isolation of organization app and personal app. It completely restricts the dataflow and any kind of sharing of information as well as resources outside the container. It obstructs unauthorized access at the same also protect the sensitive corporate data from eternal securityx threats and malware attacks

Enhanced productivity

LimaxLock MAM facilitates the IT administrator to silently install, configure, update, and uninstall applications Enterprise App Store on enrolled devices. End-users can access all required business applications without compromising its usability. This process improves the workflow and allows quick decision making

Elegant Workflow

The LimaxLock MAM simplifies and secures the usability of enterprise-specific applications which leads to streamlining workflow. It provides a better communication gateway. Employees produce the best outcomes through deep work as all distracted/personal usage applications are kept away from users inside the organization campus.LimaxLock MAM also helps in reducing data cost by avoiding unwanted access as the access provided to an application is user-specific

Superior Customer Experience

LimaxLock allows special access to certain applications for the employee’s on-field or working in the marketing department. While facing the customer this feature enables the employees to resolve customer queries, troubleshoot any issue, and take required immediate action

Reduces IT Hassles

LimaxLock MAM facilitate the It administrator to configure, distribute, manage, control and monitor the enrolled end-user user actions not only effortlessly but also seamlessly. admin work further simplifies through collaborative silent and secure app installations, updates, maintenance. Without single permission from end device, admin can remotely manage everything which leads to minimal admin and zero user intervention. The remote and real-time data access adds an edge in overall performance

Why LimaxLock is the best Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution for your organization

Organization Specific Application Catalog

This facility will create separate application catalogue for your organization. The app in the catalogue can either consist of an in-house built application for serving specific organization purpose or publically available application from Enterprise App Store

Silent Application Installing

LimaxLock MAM provides silent application install, update and delete feature. Without any permission from end-user device IT administrator can install the needed application and able to uninstall any unwanted application through the container

Application Whitelisting

In today’s world, for boosting the productivity and deep work of employees in a distracted world only blocking of some applications is not sufficient. There is a need for whitelisting all the required applications lead to block all the remaining application automatically. End-user can’t install any application it has authority to use only those applications whose direct access provided by the admin

Application Configurations and permissions

The application when get installs there is need to do some primary settings. An application may require some device permission to be granted. Doing the prior setup configuration and granting permission to each application on the individual device is maybe a hectic and time-consuming task for admin. LimaxLock MAM gives a better alternative to this repetitive work by just setting all required configuration as well as permission at once only and the just ready to use applications with zero user interventions

Application Specific Restriction and policies

LimaxLock MAM has a facility to configure application-specific restrictions and corporate policies as per organization demand. There is a need for specific application restrictions/ policies from locking some applications to kiosk mode, signing through an only single corporate account on each device to connecting a corporate network or virtual private network. This could be a major step towards restricting sharing of data, application usage and many other important factors which may cause a security threat

Application-oriented Reports

LimaxLock MAM provides an application-specific report based on the granular details of users profile on which application installed, the access time of individual profiles. These reports are very useful in the audit

Enterprise App Store Access

After creating a customized app catalogue and configuring applications on the enduser device if there is any further requirement then these publicly available applications can be installed through managed play store called Enterprise App Store. It provides better navigation to play store for installing the secured app without being affected through threats and malware attacks