Enterprise Kiosk Lockdown and Mobile Device Management for android devices

LimaxLock uses Kiosk Lockdown screen mode to restrict misuse of Apps and System resources for various android devices. LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown for Android helps you to manage Android devices by locking them into Kiosk Lockdown Mode. In Kiosk mode, the default home screen/launcher is replaced with a customizable screen that limits user access to selected applications enabled by admin. Kiosk Mode prevents misuse of Android tablets and smartphones or interactive self-service kiosks.


It has become common to use off-the-shelf mobile devices to run business applications or self-service kiosks. If you want to get rid of by unethical use of company owned Android devices which may impact user productivity, unnecessary data usage, maintenance cost. LimaxLock is the best application!

LimaxLock will be the key for all these troubles. This application will lockdown your android tablets and smartphones into dedicated Android kiosks with the limited access to the applications. Games ,social media applications and other unnecessary applications will be hidden and only allowed applications will be provided to the user. Limax Lock kiosk App for Android also works as an alternative to Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution.

Pro Features

  • Single And Multi-app Kiosks

    Lock devices to a single app or a few selected applications. Set apps to automatically relaunch when the Kiosk is idle. Disable access to other websites, apps or content. Limit browsing to a list of pre-approved websites. Control device peripheral settings Remotely configure peripheral settings like volume and screen brightness. Selectively allow user access to key functions like flashlight.

  • Locations Tracking

    Locate devices Find the exact location of your devices. View the locations of a group of devices on a single map overlay. Track devices View the location history of devices as a timeline. Export device location history reports as a PDF or CSV file. Manual location check-ins. Users can report their current location from the device-end with a note for additional information. Regulate location tracking Selectively turn on or off location tracking for individual devices or groups via policy. Customize tracking interval for optimal battery use.

  • Enterprise App Store

    No need for uploading files elsewhere or attaching in email. Send files to users directly from the portal. Inventory apps Maintain the full list of appsinstalled on the devices your enterprise. Add in-house apps and externally sourced apps. Distribute Enterprise Apps Securely deploy corporate apps on employee devices. Manage upgrades and downgrades seamlessly. Black/white list applications Disable unnecessary apps by black/white listing. Get alerts on blacklisted app installation. App catalogs Create custom catalogs of apps to better manage and allow users to install necessary apps from a single location

  • Real-time Monitoring & Parental Supervision

    Instant support Provide real-time assistance to users. Parental supervision Keep an eye on what is happening with kids' devices in real-time. Lent a hand when they need a grown-up's assistance.

Key Features

  • Restrict access to one or more applications
  • Display widgets on home screen
  • Application shortcuts
  • Block user from altering system settings
  • Password protect applications
  • Auto launch applications at startup
  • Control Peripherals Access (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, GPS)
  • Customize home screen (Layout, Application captions, Wallpaper)
  • Single application mode
  • Hide icons of allowed applications
  • Screen saver mode
  • Disable status bar and notification panel
  • Disable power button
  • Driver Safety Mode
  • Collect application usage data (launch time, duration of usage, etc.)
  • Memory management (close applications if memory usage threshold is reached)

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