The Ultimate Kiosk Browser Lockdown App for Android

Protect your interactive web apps and digital signage content with the most comprehensive kiosk browser lockdown app for Android devices


As the world being technophile people getting habitual of using the internet at every moment of life. Everyone started more relying on technologies day by day. Wherever we stuck just by surfing through the internet anyone can able to find the solution of the problem by own. It built independence so regardless of purpose internet surfing making a huge impact on all aspects of everyone’s life. The usage of internet and browsing while working in an organization is also not an exception to this fact. The employer also allows internet browsing because of its professional benefits.

Unfortunately, the vital source of exploit business through attacks is possible because of internet browsing. Hacker able to create security threats and cyberattacks through shared devices and public browsing points. It is essential to take make major security practices while working in an enterprise. The bridge to solve the above issue is to use LimaxLock kiosk browser

Revolutionize Your Kiosk Experience with LimaxLock Kiosk Browser
The Ultimate Defense Against Cyber Threats!

LimaxLock Kiosk is an internet restrictive web browser pre-configured with whitelisted websites. It provides a secured and fully customized way for surfing through the internet. LimaxLock Kiosk browserwill lock the end-user device for accessing an only specific website or some group of websites. It facilitates extra security measures to prevent malicious attacks. It won’t allow the end-device to access unnecessary websites also restrict to escape from an underlying operating system. The IT administrator has an authority to list down the productive business or work process related websites inside LimaxLock portal. The website can be inhouse developed for a particular need or organization or it can be any publically accessible website through the internet. All these whitelisted websites do their proper function through LimaxLock kiosk browser interface without compromising on its functionality.

The Importance of Using a Kiosk Browser for Business

Today, a browser is an indispensable tool for executing all business activities. It allows for easy access and flexibility across all platforms, making it an important tool for rendering crucial activities. However, using a browser to surf unwanted, unauthorized or improper websites can lead to decreased productivity, countless distractions and, in the worst cases, it can make your system prone to cyber threats.

When you surf through public web browsers while working in an organization, you may face major consequences of cybercrime, including:

  • Cyber Threats and Productivity Loss: Why a Kiosk Browser is Essential

    Publically available browsers allow access to any kind of websites, which could put your confidential data at risk. Employees may unknowingly click on nefarious links, download infected files, or install vulnerable plug-ins. Even if employees are aware of the risks of cybercrime, hackers can manipulate human psychology to perform actions that favor their worst intentions. These cyber attacks can lead to the hacking of confidential data, corruption of the entire system, or any other specific action that leads to extreme financial losses.

  • Maximizing Workplace Efficiency with a Kiosk Browser Solution

    While the internet is an infinite source of knowledge, it can also be highly distracting. Employees may be unable to focus on deep work and produce peak results because they are suffering through unwanted websites. They may lose track of time while being active on social media accounts, checking emails, or performing other non-work-related activities. This can lead to a loss of paid working hours and affect individual productivity, as well as the overall revenue generation of the organization.

What are Benefits of Secured Browsing through LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown?

LimaxLock Kiosk is a fully secured browser which allows user to access web pages in a pre-configured and controlled environment for a massive audience. It is capable of whitelisting safe websites, preventing downloads of different kinds of file, and also blocking harmful websites. It also limits the access and controls the overall data cost-effectively. Kiosk browser blocks all avenues which can cause a security breach. Enhanced features provide the customization options which can be further useful for branding as well as marketing.

The following are some of the remarkable benefits of using secured browsing

  • Whitelisting of productive business websites at the same time blocking all harmful websites
  • Working principle like parental control and web content filtering tool for business purpose
  • Provide security against malware attacks, viruses, Trojans, online phishing scams
  • Avoid end-user distraction by providing the only user-relevant resource access
  • Lockdown end-device interface to ensure restricted access to setting
  • Protection against unauthorized downloads forms any web pages
  • With appropriate security multi-user access on a single device
  • Pre-configuration of everything for boosting productivity
  • Streamlined accessibility to mission-critical web pages
  • Prevent the misuse of data and other resources
  • Confidential data leakage protection

What are the features supported by LimaxLock Kiosk Browser ?

There are many kiosk browsers available in the market but there is need to choose the best suitable for your organization based on the features supported. LimaxLock provides a browser that is pre-configured with all required settings. It works excellent in all use cases and threat possibilities. For avoiding the risk factor of data leakage and extreme financial losses LimaxLock Kiosk Browser Lockdown provide a highly secured browsing experience without compromising any kind of functionality

The remarkable features of LimaxLock Kiosk browser as follows

  • Password protection
  • Disables web notification access
  • Control clearing of cache, cookies and history
  • Pre-configuring all Whitelisted websites remotely
  • Track all the devices remotely through location tracking
  • Blocking of all distractive and unsafe malicious websites
  • Dynamically changing policies and restrictions of web surfing
  • The monitoring of browsing and individual usage report generation for audit

LimaxLock Kiosk Browser when used with a complete set of Mobile Device Management it provides facility to enforce various business policies restrictions for more security not only through internet surfing but also through the overall device. The popularity of LimaxLock Kiosk browser is increasing exponentially because any organization can solely rely on all its feature and functionality set.