Kiosk Mode Lockdown Software for Secure and Controlled Access

Secure and control your kiosk access with Limaxlock's Kiosk Mode Lockdown Software. Restrict user access, prevent unauthorized actions and maintain complete control over your kiosks with customizable features and an easy-to-use interface. Experience secure and reliable kiosk lockdown

Kiosk Lockdown is system software that provides a user intractable interface which is capable of preventing end-user activities. Only enterprise-specific and business-oriented applications/websites will be accessible. Kiosk environment setup for the specific purpose of the organization can be achieved through the kiosk mode. In this granular control achieved by configuring peripheral settings for enabling/disabling the hardware and software keys. By limiting the ad-hoc services, it offers better customization which lead to replacing the way end-device will look. Kiosk software is available with provisioning of enabling specific features and hiding all unnecessary features. This facility provides better usability as well as strong security for business applications or self-service kiosks.


 If you want to get rid of by unethical use of company owned Android devices which may impact user productivity, unnecessary data usage, maintenance cost. LimaxLock is the best application.The outcome will be a focused workflow, streamlined user interaction and limited device usage which increase the overall efficiency and throughput 

What is the need for Kiosk software?

In recent years organizations/ business are more focusing on new ways to improve the productivity of the employees not only for better throughput but also for cutting down the overall money spent. For excelling the peak performance and better revenue generation the usage of Kiosk software like LimaxLock becomes essential. It is especially useful when an organization wants to restrict the end-user access to single or set of applications which are required to perform beneficial tasks only. This will restrict the misuse and unauthorized access of android devices done by field-force. Kiosk mode will save employees time and helps to replace the human workforce which is dedicated for monitoring purpose. The LimaxLock kiosk software gaining the popularity in wide of enterprises and business because of its self-service, point-of-sale and digital signage management in various sectors. Along with app usage & restriction kiosk mode’s single and multi-application kiosk mode feature will become an additional advantage.

LimaxLock Kiosk Mode

LimaxLock’s kiosk mode, also known as kiosk lockdown, enables mobile devices to support both single and multi-app features An extensive set of restrictions are applied in which an administrator able to auto-lock or auto-unlock the device according to environment demand. Not only sound/vibrate/silent mode but also ringer volume can be controlled remotely through a control panel. The individual application/website usage of every registered device can be monitored through a kiosk mode control panel. LimaxLock kiosk software has a feature to pre-configured all the required settings of the device which can’t be modified by the user. Admin has the power to change device as well as network settings remotely without any external permission from end-device. In LimaxLock kiosk lockdown provide an exclusive facility of controlling hardware like home and back buttons which will restrict the user to rest the device or revoke kiosk mode.

Features of LimaxLock Kiosk Lockdown

  • Single-App Mode

    In single-app mode IT administrator able to select a single application that can run on all registered devices. This autonomous single-application mode will run only one application in the foreground by suppressing all other applications. That application can be owned by enterprise or an existing application publicly available on play store.

  • Multi App Kiosk Mode

    The multi-app mode is useful when group applications be a demand for the enterprise. In this admin has the power to select the multiple applications to Whitelist according to workforce requirement. End-user can switch between the applications which are allowed to access.

  • Hidden App support

    Kiosk lockdown software has the facility to restrict the visibility of application on screen of end-user. Background applications are present in Whitelist but their icons are hidden on the screen. Visible list applications can be directly accessed whereas the admin can allow some applications which are directly invisible but can be accessed through other applications whenever the situation demands it. Ex. If a user wants to view PDF or play the video then that hidden PDF viewer and video player accessed as a background application.

  • Kiosk Browser Lockdown

    LimaxLock provides its kiosk browser that will restrict the websites through which the user can browse. This browser is constructed by keeping all security aspects in mind. Along with browser settings, the Administrator can pre-configure the Whitelist of websites. Instead of blocking countable websites, Whitelist provides access to productive and useful websites while blocking all the remaining websites in the universe. The strong restrictions are enabled to clear browsing history and opening website in incognito mode. LimaxLock kiosk browser provide single as well as multi-tabbed browsing configurations

  • Quick Provisioning

    The mobile device management made simple by Kiosk lockdown LimaxLock software. The installation and deployment can be completed quickly by following a few simple steps. Under kiosk mode devices configured with single or multi-app mode. The Wish listed applications can be installed on a device. The profile of each end-user can be visible in the control panel for quick and decisive decision making

  • Remote Mobile Application Management

    The application management process involves the installation, configuration and auto-updating. LimaxLock kiosk software facilitates effective application management will take care of the application life cycle from installation to usage or uninstallation in some case. There is no need to install the required applications individually on each device as kiosk mode support silent single or multi-app installation without external permission from the device. The application can be enterprise owned or publicly available in play store.

  • Reduce the overall business cost and saving resources

    The kiosk mode provides a digital self-service monitoring which will lead to saving the cost spent on salaries of executives whose role is to monitor the employee’s activity. It will also save the money spent on data charges by eliminating access to unwanted websites. This focused mode guarantees the end-user will more concentrate on work and generate peak productivity

  • Real-Time Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

    LimaxLock kiosk Lockdown software has a provision that will provide a real-time update of all information. The administrator can directly monitor the updated information without refreshing the page. This is going to help in improving the communication between the admin and end-user. If a user needs the specific permission from admin then it is highly possible to provide an immediate response remotely irrespective of an employee is in an organization or on-site. This rapid communication will lead to quick decision making

Key benefits of LimaxLock kiosk Lockdown software

  • Application/website Whitelist facilitate restricted access.
  • Single-app mode can empower a particular application by suppressing all other applications available
  • The multiple application support requirements fulfilled through multi-app mode.
  • Remote application installation and configuration of peripheral settings
  • Saving of resources and reducing overall cost by preventing access to unwanted as well as unauthorized websites
  • Background application support, in which icons are hidden from user eventually direct access of app is restricted
  • Real-time update for quick decision making
  • Own browser that will restrict the user suffering through the internet
  • Easy monitoring and tracking of the individual profile of the end-user device through an intractable control panel

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