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Introducing mondayDB

Introducing mondayDB

Note: We’ve now released version 1.0 of mondayDB! 🎉 Check out this section of the article to understand more about the release timeline and upcoming versions.


We’re excited to announce the initial release of mondayDB, the brand new data infrastructure behind our WorkOS that was built to drive your best work. mondayDB adapts to your largest, most complex work scenarios, allowing you to build and manage workflows at scale, without being limited by performance constraints. 💥


How it works

mondayDB is a new database architecture that gives you limitless flexibility and adapts to your growing needs. In short, it was built from the group up to support a larger scale of boards and dashboards at speed, extend our public API and data manipulation capabilities, and support countless new use cases and custom workflows.



Note: There may be some slight differences in the release timeline of mondayDB between the various data regions (US, EU, AU).


Release timeline

This is just the beginning! Following our initial release of mondayDB on June 23, 2023, you can expect the release timeline to look as following for our upcoming mondayDB features:

mondayDB New Graphic.png


Note: The timeline above outlines current plans, however, it is not a commitment.
Plans may change at’s sole discretion.


Capabilities it provides

mondayDB provides loads of capabilities to help speed up your work and make your experience using as smooth as can be. These include: 

  • Major performance improvementsWith mondayDB’s separate storage and compute layers, you can enjoy improved speed across billions of boards that support your growth and your most complex workflows.
  • Elasticity at scale: mondayDB supports your unique needs and adapts to the way you work best as you continue to add users, data tables, and query volume by having the ability to store, retrieve, and query any data type.
  • Ability to perform complex queries, quickly: With mondayDB, since data from boards is stored in both row and columnar databases, it can select which queries to run based on the required manipulation, resulting in a high throughput of queries and low latency on any combination of tables.
  • Real-time data updates: Throughout any board or dashboard, changes are immediately available for queries whenever they are made, allowing for automations and integrations to be run in real time.
  • Endless customization possibilities: mondayDB takes the open API to a whole new level — multi-level mirror linkage, filters, aggregations, and formula calculations will now be supported. This allows developers to build any app, solution, or software they need on top of the platform.


Tip: Check out our full landing page to learn more in depth about mondayDB!


mondayDB on boards

With the new mondayDB engine on boards, you can enjoy a much faster board loading experience and smoother performance overall. This is currently released to 100% of users on all board types!


mondayDB on dashboards

We’re very excited to release the next phase of mondayDB, the new data engine powering our dashboards! Using this, you will experience dramatically faster and smoother performance of your dashboards.

Note: At the moment, we’re releasing mondayDB only for dashboards. We’ll soon be releasing mondayDB for board views as well so stay tuned!


Dashboards will now be upgraded to the new data engine automatically, however, you can also choose to revert to the old dashboard engine should you wish. To do this, click on the three-dot menu at the top right of your dashboard and select “Go back to old dashboard engine” as shown below. 

Group 1 - 2023-12-11T142801.664.png

Tip: We’d love to hear about your experience using mondayDB on dashboards! You can use this form provide us with your feedback.


mondayDB on the API

In correlation with the mondayDB changes that we made to the main platform, we’ve also upgraded the data engine powering our API to align with these improvements. 🙌

The timeline for our mondayDB API release can be found below: 

image 1 - 2023-09-27T122108.371.png

Additionally, you can check out our resources below to dive into all things mondayDB on the API:


mondayDB on mobile

At the moment, mondayDB is not yet available on mobile. It will be available very soon in gradual release, starting with iOS and later on with Android!


Increasing platform limits with mondayDB

We’re very proud and excited to announce the increase of the number of items available in our boards and dashboards for Enterprise accounts! Thanks to the power of mondayDB, you will now be able build bigger boards and dashboards than ever before, thus enabling more robust workflows so that you and your team can tackle anything that comes your way. 🙌


Note: The increased platform limits with mondayDB is currently in gradual release for all Enterprise accounts. If you’re part of an Enterprise account, you should see this capability available on your account shortly.


With our increased platform limits, you will be able to scale up your data while enjoying top platform performance by having up to:

  • 100,000 items per board
  • 500,000 items per dashboard

Show me some limitations to keep in mind with the increased limits







Note: There is a limit for the amount of big boards (with more than 20K items or 20K connected items) that you can create on your account. In case you run into this limit, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to our support team right here for further assistance!



  • What is it, in a nutshell? 

mondayDB is our new underlying data architecture, serving the Work OS platform and ecosystem. mondayDB is built from the ground up to support a larger scale of boards and dashboards at speed, extend our public API and data manipulation capabilities, and support countless new use cases and custom workflows.


  • Will mondayDB be available for all customers?

Yes. Its impact will be most significant on load-time for large boards and dashboards; when using filtering, aggregation, and automation capabilities on large data sets.


  • What other effects can I expect from mondayDB except for its impact on boards and dashboards?

Initially, only boards and dashboards will be affected. However, during 2024, mondayDB will improve the entirety of the Work OS platform, including automations, integrations, and API.


  • Will this release include functionality change as well?

Initial releases will improve performance and scale for existing features. Later releases will add new layers of functionality by extending the open API. 


  • Will mondayDB cost money?

All mondayDB enhancements related to performance on all areas of the platform (boards, dashboards, API, and mobile) are free of charge! However, enhancements related to increasing platform limits will be charged for. Additionally, in the future there is also the possibility that additional functionalities that haven’t been developed yet will require payment.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.

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